Media Manager

Creative Solutions for Audience Engagement

Two Way interaction for Audience Engagement

Media Manager provides Presenters, Producers and Station Managers all the tools they need to manage audience engagement in real time, allowing live adaptation of mobile services during broadcast quickly and easily through an intuitive web-portal.

Media Manager has been developed through our many years of working with the broadcast media and contains the latest functionality that fits the 21st Century broadcast media market requirements.

The web-based portal also represents a unique revenue generating opportunity. Comment lines,
quizzes, polls and competitions can all be undertaken via SMS short codes and therefore Media Manager users can realise a rebate for every text.

Media Manager is hosted on robust and secure servers which allow for industry leading uptime statistics. This is supported by world class customer service and account management levels, so in the unlikely event there is an issue clients will be supported by a proactive and dedicated team that are there to turn around issues quickly and effectively.


  • Daily programme schedule management
  • Time of Day’ application to match daily programming schedules
  • Allows personalised responses per show on the basis of time slots. 
  • Easy access master over-ride facility to cater for common cross programming message as required.

Schedule Management

  • Handle a range of outbound messaging; including HTML5 links, music files and more traditional mobile content
  • Customise outgoing SMS, upload and manage groups of mobile numbers (.csv upload facility).
  • Ability to handle inbound/
    outbound concatenated or multipart
    messaging – i.e. messages that exceed the traditional 160 characters.
  • Dynamically alter key campaign features
    (bounce-back/ response message, start/ stop time,
    etc.) without having to re-create SMS campaigns.
  • Handle large ‘burst’ traffic volumes. Media Manager has been tested at over 650 messages per second on a live network in scheduled testing.

Two Way audience engagement by SMS

  • Manage simple competitions to more detailed multiple choice/ message solutions.
  • Define entries/ limit votes (one per user, for example, to enforce equality. Or set limitless entries to maximise revenue on shortcodes, or at pre-defined thresholds to ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines – e.g. maximum 24 hour spend limits).
  • Catch-All facility on unique shortcodes, allowing clients to track and manage SMS traffic that has not been prefixed with the relevant keyword for campaign routing
  • Fuzzy match/ Alias feature to maximize message routing capability in cases where incorrect spelling or format has been used by end-users.

Competition Toolkit

  • Track specific end-user queries. All messages into the Media Manager Portal are allocated unique reference numbers, along with relevant date and time stamp for tracking purposes
  • In campaign search functionality including message body content search, keywords or phrases, Date/ time search, number search.
  • Blacklisting/ Opt-out list generation for elimination of abusive texts, avoid nuisance marketing.

Customer Care

  • Full reporting and statistical analysis with a range of flexible search parameters and display
    formats, including graphing
  • Audit/ Regulatory compliant random winner selection capability - available post campaign via
    the portal and/ or sent to pre-defined email addresses.
  • Data Protection and Regulatory checkpoints within system to ensure best practice, including tick box and IP tracking on all access points to designated client accounts.
  • Permissions based system with Administrator/ sub account access allowing varying degrees of control and permissions (from full solution capability to ‘read only’ access).

Reporting and Administration

4 Reasons to Use Media Manager?

  1. Increase Audience Interaction
    Media Manager offers a real time, cost effective  communication channel that  offers higher response rates than any other medium. Communications can be delivered straight to your audience’s pockets, increasing response rates and driving new audience members in to your programmes. This could include sending viewing schedules or details of specific shows to your database to encourage viewers to tune in or provide details of a competition that is taking place during the show that they might be interested in.
  2. Drive viewer loyalty and add new revenue streams
    Media Manager provides your commercial partners with the capabilities to reach a new audience directly with timely, personalised, offers that can trigger new purchases and add
    new revenue. The mobile marketing functionality within Media Manager is ideal for increasing commercial sponsor exposure, adding significantly to your sponsorship sales propositions and also giving your loyal audience exclusive offers to take advantage of
  3. Improving Audience Interaction
    Media Manager makes interaction seamless, such as Text To Request functionality that allows the audience to select specific content that they wish to be broadcast, directly from
    their phone
  4. Audience Polling & Voting
    Using Media Manager, you can run audience voting and polling in real time by asking them to
    take part via the mobile channel, sending a text with their vote to your keyword. Each audience response is delivered straight into Media Manager and the system analyses the text content and utilises the data to build the appropriate data pool, giving you accurate polling results in real time. You can create new polls in seconds and there are no limits to the number of polls you can create, meaning you can set up a range of different polling and voting activities to fit your schedule or create new ones on the fly. You can then view, manage, and edit polls within Media Manager as required.

Did you know ?

  • Each month 19% of mobile users access a short code to respond to adverts in other media.
  • Globally, 97% of SMS texts are opened immediately
  • 77% of adults are reached by broadcast radio on a daily basis
  • 80% of those aged 18 to 34 listening to broadcast radio in an average day
  • 20% of 8-18 year olds use their mobiles to access other media content