SMS for Event Engagement 

Why choose SMS for your upcoming event ?

Using mobile communication before, during and after an event takes place can help you to maximise the return on your event investment and generate better leads for your business.

It’s not just about maximising event attendance, but having meaningful engagement with your attendees throughout the event, resulting in qualified leads that generate future business for your company.

Using SMS before the event

Event Registration
Make it easier for attendees to register for your event by offering mobile event registration alongside other forms of registration. Simply send an SMS to your mobile database with a link to register for the event. 

Pay for Tickets
If an event is charged, you can link your registration form directly to our “click to pay” feature provided in conjunction with Paypal, so attendees can pay for your event immediately from their mobile.

Issue Mobile Tickets
Send event tickets directly to attendee’s mobiles, with a link to a mobile barcode which can be scanned at your event. 

Mobile News and Updates
Engage Australia's mobile channel offers an ideal way for you to communicate news and updates to registered attendees or prospects. Announce new speakers, exhibitors, agenda items and workshops.

Event Reminders
Sending event reminders via SMS can help to remind registered attendees to come along. Use messaging to remind attendees of the value of attending your event

During the event

Improve Engagement
Add new ways to engage with customers at your event such as ‘text to big screen’ interaction for mobile questions to panel speakers. Simply invite attendees to text in their questions, and use our moderation interface to review questions and post them to screen.

Lead Generation
Run competitions during your event to gather attendee feedback and contact details. Competitions provide an ideal and cost effective way to generate qualified leads and push attendees to your stand during the event. Mobile engagment surveys

Mobile Surveys
Mobile surveys allow you to capture immediate feedback from attendees during the event. Maybe you want to do a straw poll and measure opinion which can be displayed during your event.

After the event

Post Event Feedback
Capture attendee feedback on your event to assist with future event planning and build a database for your next event. We can offer mobile surveys using simple SMS, SMS with link to form to capture data, or an automated voice survey.

Access to event content
Provide additional value to attendees with access to the conference content after your event via a simple SMS with link to content.

Post event marketing
Provided you have captured attendee contact details and consent during your event, you can use SMS marketing to follow up with leads post event and progress the sales process. Provide links to your content or a form to capture data for your sales team.

SMS for Events

SMS for Event Engagment

9 Top Tips for Organising a Successful Event

  1. Market and promote your event attendance through multiple channels, including your website, industry newsletters or magazines and mobile.
  2. If you already have a customer database, send out invitational newsletters, emails or SMS communication about the event.
  3. Don’t underestimate the lead times required to successfully promote the event and how long it may take for your message to filter through to attendees
  4. Ensure that your products and collateral are up to date and contain useful information and contact details.
  5. Ask attendees if they would like to be added to your database and receive regular updates on products and services. Ensure that you capture contact details, including mobile numbers.
  6. Consider a mobile competition at the event to attract customers to your stand. Business cards in a bowl are so yesterday!
  7. Brief staff that are attending the trade show and make sure your staff have thorough product and service knowledge to answer questions.
  8. Think about ways to receive feedback (e.g. mobile feedback forms, prizes for completing mobile surveys).
  9. Set a budget and stick to it, consider low cost forms of communication like SMS to maximise your event budget.

Our team can work with you to design the best mobile engagement experience for your event. Contact us now for a complimentary strategy discussion on 1800 001 201 or