Engage PIN Manager

Ideal for two factor authentication and other secure services

PIN Manager is a comprehensive PIN
Management tool

Available to all Engage users as a Value Added Option, We provide a range of integrated PIN Management services with our PIN Manager solution including:

  • PIN generation – randomly generate
  • PINs whenever a user request a PIN by SMS
  • PIN Storage – upload a previously generated list of PINs, securely stored and allocated at random to users when requested by SMS
  • PIN List import and export
  • PIN Delivery via SMS
  • PIN Matching and Verification

PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) are one of the most common methods of adding additional levels of security and verifying user identity across a wide range of industries and applications including:

  • Verification of cardholder details in retail banking services
  • Account verification for log in to any online account
  • Redemption of gift or loyalty cards in-store and on online
  • Entry to secure locations
  • Unlocking of secure devices
  • Verification of Payments
  • Identity verification for the re-issuing of passwords or lost account details

Why use PIN Manager?

PIN Manager’s delivery of PINs via SMS offers improved service levels, reduced costs, and improved security.

SMS PINs deliver an additional level of security, since they can also be veried against mobile phone number, which is also a unique identifier.

PIN Manager brings PIN delivery into the digital age. Postal delivery of PIN mailers is costly to operate, insecure, and increasingly the focus of criminals.