Mobile Engagement Strategies for the

Not for Profit Sector

There are more than 600,000 registered charities in Australia, approximately 60,000 of which qualify for government tax exemptions and are registered with the ACNC. Australia is one of the most vibrant Not-for-Profit sectors in the world!


The sector is growing rapidly with some 2000 new NFP organisations registered each year. The sector is valued at more than $55 billion, with Australians donating more than $2.2 billion per year and the average charity raising $75,000. However, underlying this growth, the Not for Profit sector is under pressure like never before. This rapid growth is resulting in increases in competition for funds among the ever expanding number of NFP organisations and rising levels of donor fatigue. 


6 Reasons Why Charities should use Mobile Communication

  1. Low Cost - mobile engagement is low cost with SMS from a few cents a message
  2. Measurable - mobile engagement is highly measurable, with delivery receipting and a measurable call to action every time a supporter is contacted
  3. Scalable - mobile engagement is easily scalable. Try a test campaign on as little as 100 supporters before committing to larger campaigns.
  4. Personalisable - mobile engagement is easily personalised to the supporter. Integrate to existing CRM to personalise a message to a supporter.
  5. Timely - mobile engagement is timely and instant. It allows supporters to connect to you anytime, anywhere, including at charity events and during special causes.
  6. Integrated - mobile engagement is integrated. Mobile can link many other channels with a measurable call to action, including digital, social media, TV, print, radio and events.

How can we help?

Mobile Engagement
Engage is an advanced mobile marketing platform for creating rich media interactive mobile marketing campaigns. Engage’s easy to use Mobile Web Page Builder, coupled with its advanced myCRM functionality enables NFPs to bring traditional SMS campaigns to life with personalised messaging and rich media content.

Click to Pay Donations
Engage’s “Click to Pay” functionality allows supporters to donate instantly following an SMS call to action. Simply integrate an existing Paypal or merchant account into Oxygen8’s Engage platform for supporters to make an instant donation or purchase.


Increasingly, not-for-profit organisations have adopted the business practices of moneymaking corporations. For example, most charities have marketing plans both for fundraising and for brand awareness. However, marketing is still a relatively new function in the charity mix. There is still a perception that marketing is a nice-to-have that tells people about the “real” work charity organisations do. In the face of these challenges, today’s most successful charities already understand that marketing is anything but peripheral, is central to their organisation and key to their survival. 

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