Intelligent Messaging

With the explosive global growth of the Internet, coupled with the demand from business and consumers to be able to control and benefit from the billions of devices that impact our everyday lives – the Internet of Things (IoT) is maturing into a must-have capability for many companies, and a must-experience for many consumers. Gartner forecasts that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020.

As IoT continues this move from the tech world into the business and consumer world, it’s important that confusion is minimized, and an optimum technology experience provided. Given that IoT is deeply linked to the mobile world - we at Engage Australia believe that keeping it simple is always a good approach. We are one of the most experienced providers of B2B, and B2B2C mobile solutions in Australia. Since 2004 we've been helping Australian businesses to engage, and make the most of the mobile channel. This deep, local mobile experience (coupled with a global reach through our overseas parent company) makes us a natural fit for the IoT world.

With Smartphone use in Australia at close to 90%, and with ‘App Fatigue’ taking a toll on those Smartphone owners – recent commentary by Gartner that “no other messaging medium approaches SMS in its reach”, strengthens the case for the Engage Australia approach.

Outlined below are some of the tools and capabilities we make available to the interconnected IoT world.

Engage Builder is a unique workflow tool for intelligent messaging services. Builder allows Mobile devices to activate services automatically via a range of triggers, define a set of business rules or a workflow; and perform a number of actions.

Builder can perform single transactions or can be expanded to include any number of scenarios, mixing and matching triggers and actions, and automating almost any process encompassing SMS, Voice and Internet communication channels.

Engage Gateway is a high volume, carrier grade SMS Messaging platform that is designed to enable any business to easily integrate new communication channels into existing systems and processes via simple and flexible APIs via various protocols e.g. HTTP/S, SMPP, Email 2 SMS, SMS 2 Email, and Customised APIs.

Examples of using Builder, and Gateway in the IoT world

  • Real-time Conversion of Email to SMS notifications to alert out of hours / on call staff.
  • Send an SMS or Voice notification to appropriate staff in the event of any critical monitoring alert.
  • Notify the appropriate operations staff immediately by SMS or phone, when any service or component fails.
  • Send an SMS or Voice notification to a home owner when their alarm system is triggered.
  • Notify the Inventory Control department when a stock quantity falls below a minimum level.

          Benefits of Engage Australia

Need global telco reach? We are connected to over 900 mobile network operators throughout the world

Need easy integration? Our solutions work with most major coding languages including ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VBA, VB.NE

Concerned about Security? We offer secure connectivity using IP access control, HTTPS and/or VPN

Need Help? Our 24×7×365 operational support team, and 24-hour Network Operations Centre (NOC) can be made available to ensure your peace of mind