Interactive Services

Creative Solutions for Audience Engagement

Two Way interaction for Audience Engagement

Interactive Services is a suite of applications specifically designed for 2 Way SMS interaction including:

  • Simple Competitions
  • Multi Stage Competitions
  • Auctions
  • Voting
  • Polling
  • Auto-Responders

Who Can Use Interactive Services?

  • Media owners, such as Radio stations, TV channels, Magazines and Newspapers
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies that want to provide a managed service to their clients
  • Brands that want to engage consumers directly
  • Digital and Online businesses that want to add a mobile channel to their online channels

Two Way Enablement

Interactive services are often used in conjunction with premium SMS short codes, but can also be offered on long codes. For further information on the options available, speak to one of our Digital Solutions experts.


Providing an audience with the opportunity to vote or opinion polls are populars method used by many media companies to improve audience experience and increase engagement, as well as providing dynamic content to power programme agendas and discussions. The voting and polling functionality within Media Manager allows you to define exact voting variables, create automatic responses and limit the amount of votes audience members can make.


SMS competitions provide an immediate and easy way to increase engagement. Mobile competitions are an excellent way to to engage in two-way communications with your audience. Using either short codes or mobile numbers, you can run simple competitions such as asking customers to answer a question by sending a text from a selection of keywords, or be as complex as running multi-question / multi-response quizzes which might run over weeks or months. Each SMS text sent by a viewer is delivered straight into our Media Manager Solution. The system analyses the text content and selects a response to send back to the customer, including HTML5 links for registering opt ins for future communication, feedback and surveys.

Reverse Auction

Reverse Auction is a game of skill format that allows users to buy products by submitting the lowest unique bid by SMS.

Customised interactive and promotional concepts

Lucky Seats

Our Lucky Seats and Tickets competitions are ideal for any organisation that sells seats and / or tickets to fans or an audience including

  1. Advertise the competition at the game or event.
  2. Fans text their seat or ticket number at the stadium or venue to a shortcode or mobile number from their mobile
  3. Your team can access a simple web based interface at any time to draw the winner.
  4. Alternatively, an automated draw can be set up at a specific time to send an SMS with notification of the winner to a specified person.
  5. Announce the winner at half time, make a splash, show the winner on screen and have them collect their prize.
  • Soccer Clubs
  • Footballs Clubs
  • AFL Clubs
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Concert and Entertainment Venues
  • Theatres
  • Music Promoters
  • Event Organisers



Why Lucky Seats?

  • Drive audience / fan engagement at the event / game
  • Provide content for half time / interval entertainment
  • Provide opportunities for sponsors to engage with the audience
  • Capture date and build a mobile database for future marketing
  • Opportunity to include links to mobile websites promoting sponsors, teams, and venues

Competitions may require a competition permit from your state Lottery and Gambling body. Speak to our Compliance expert for more details.