Integrated SMS for Marketo


Add Mobile Engagement to your Marketing Automation Mix

Flexible - 1 way SMS, 2 way SMS and Interactive SMS with html5 page link or Marketo forms.

Fast - Engage Australia processes high volume SMS broadcasts fast by batch processing SMS campaigns outside of the Marketo environment

Effective - Ready made CALLS TO ACTION include Click to pay, Click to download, NPS Surveys, Forms and Video

5 easy steps to get started

1.      Webhook is triggered within Marketo to send an SMS message. The web hook request hits Engage Australia.

2.      Engage Australia adds Marketo LeadID (and any other data) to a database and cleans the mobile number.

3.      Engage Australia sends the message to the end user.

4.      The end user replies to the message via SMS, HTML5 forms, or Marketo Forms

5.      Engage Australia updates Marketo database using stored Marketo LeadID.

Did you know ?

1.      The open rate of SMS is 98%

2.      90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes

3.      The average response time for a SMS is 90 seconds

4.      64% of recipients purchasing as a result of receiving a relevant SMS

SMS Messages are Relevant, Personalised and Timely. SMS Campaigns through Marketo can be ready within minutes and automatically triggered. SMS Campaigns through Marketo are highly measurable, allowing to track and analyse performance by campaign.

Case Study

News Corp chose Hoosh Marketing and Engage Australia to implement a new SMS solution for its Marketo instance.

The new implementation proved to be 40% more cost effective than its previous Twilio implementation.

In the run up to publications, SMS provide to be almost 7x More effective at driving conversion than Email (13% vs 2%)

When used for events, 61% of attendees chose to check in via SMS, reducing queues at registration.

Greg Beasley – Head of Marketing Automation, News Corp


Engage Australia is a Marketo Launchpoint Partner

Engage Australia works with other Marketo Launchpoint Partners to optimise your mobile engagement including:

·       Resolution Marketing Services

·       Hoosh Marketing

·       McCorkell & Associates

Engage Australia is part of the Oxygen8 Group. The Oxygen8 Group was formed in 1999 and headquartered in the UK, and was one of the pioneers of interactive services for the media world, such as competitions and voting. The Oxygen8 Group has diversified and now employs more than 300 employees around the world in a number of countries, and across multiple business units including the UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Mozambique.

Engage Australia is proud to be an active member of the Communications Alliance and ADMA, influencing strategy and thought leadership through stakeholder engagement

Engage Australia is an approved supplier to the New South Wales, Victorian and Queensland Governments, and has been appointed to a Panel for supply of Mobile Services to the Commonwealth of Australia by the Federal Government.