Easier communication with parents, students and teachers

Engage for Schools is an advanced desktop messaging platform for schools to communicate with parents, students and teachers.

Engage has an easy to use interface, coupled with flexible contact management enabling schools to easily communicate with individuals.


Why SMS ?

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How can Engage help your school communicate better ?

The primary objective of Engage for Schools is to assist schools and their Business Services Manager
to communicate with Parents, Pupils and Teachers quickly and cost effectively, whilst improving

Engage for Schools standard Features work for:

  • SMS notifications of Pupil Absence with reply path for added efficiency Education
  • SMS Reminders for events, such as parent interviews, school carnivals, sports days and more
  • Emergency notifications for school closures or changes to dates and events 
  • Updates for pupil events such as school excursions
  • Internal teacher and staff communications

With our advanced features, you can also build mobile web pages and take payments for a simple SMS. 


We are approved suppliers to the New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian Governments.

Engage for Schools has been selected by the Queensland Department of Education and Training as an approved supplier of desktop messaging to Queensland schools.

If you are a Queensland school, you can contract with us under the DETSOA 64649 Master Agreement.

We are currently integrated into to the following schools software - ID Attend, Daymap, Truancycall.

Engage for schools