A unique workflow tool for intelligent messaging services

Builder is the most powerful tool in our suite of products

Builder allows Direct Control Mobile users to activate services automatically via a range of triggers,
define a set of business rules or a workflow; and perform a number of actions.

Builder can perform single transactions or can be built out to encompass any number of scenarios,
mixing and matching triggers and actions, and automating almost any process encompassing SMS,
Voice and Internet communication channels.

Expand your creations using the Lua scripting function and take your ideas to another level. Enjoy the flexibility to create bespoke API’s for endless possibilities when connecting with external apps.


Why Use Builder?

Builder allows enterprises to quickly and cost
effectively build complex services without the need for bespoke programming or coding.

Builder allows easy cloning and copying of services to test and optimise different workflows.

  • SMS Messages
  • Stop Requests, Delivery Receipt, Timed Event, Web Request, RSS Feed and Email

Use Builder in conjunction with our suite of APIs to build complex workflows without the need for bespoke coding.

Workflows can be created in minutes, tested for efficacy, cloned and made live.

The extensive selection of user states offers a huge range of options to developers for workflow construction.

Builder for Developers


State Attributes
Add User Adds a User to a Datalist
Call Function Calls a function
Check List Checks whether the entrant is in a List
Clock Waits for a customer clock timeout to tick
Compare Compares values and decides what to do next
Create Session Creates a new session for the customer
Enter Competition Enters a competition
Filter Filters a message
Finish Finishes processing the entry
HTTP Server Waits for a remote HTTP Call
Jump Jumps to another state
Load Feed Loads a Response pack from a Feed
Load Record Loads a record from a Datalist
Log Entry Logs an event
Loop Loops over multiple entries
Pin Check Checks whether a PIN is valid or not
Pin Request Requests a PIN from a PIN List
Pin Update Updates the status of a PIN
Receive Message Waits for the customer to send in a message
Receive Receipt Waits for a receipt to arrive
Remove Session Removes an existing session for the customer
Remove User Removes a customer from a Datalist
Return Return to Caller
Script Add custom script using LUA
Send Email Send an e-mail to the specified e-mail address(es)
Send Message Sends a message to the customer
Set Timeout Sets a timeout period
Set Value Sets a Value from either a Builder or Datalist
Subscribe User Subscribes a customer to a List
Unsubscribe User Unsubscribes a customer from a List
Web Call Calls a remote URL