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Engage Australia is part of the Oxygen8 Group. The Oxygen8 Group was formed in 1999 and headquartered in the UK, and was one of the pioneers of interactive services for the media world, such as competitions and voting. The Oxygen8 Group has diversified and now employs more than 300 employees around the world in a number of countries, and across multiple business units including the UK, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Mozambique.

Mobile engagement made simple

This is what we’re all about. We’re passionate about providing smarter mobile engagement solutions to make your marketing and communications as easy as possible. We focus on the technology that delivers results – mobile engagement and payment solutions. Our technology platforms are packed with features and uses designed specifically to help your business performance and operations. Our backstage teams are there to support you around-the-clock, from managed services and customer care to technical support and full compliance – giving you total peace of mind. With advanced, scalable functionality and real-time reporting & analytics, every campaign at every touch-point is focussed for better engagement.

 smarter choices = better engagement

We are one of the most experienced providers of business to business mobile solutions in Australia. Since 2004 we've been helping Australian businesses to engage with customers and make the most of the mobile channel.

Our Sydney office is home to experienced staff with a locally based operations and technical team and compliance officers, focused on the needs of Australian businesses, with the added bonus of back up and support from over 200 staff in 10 offices around the globe.


Our clients and partners include major mobile networks, newspaper groups, radio and television stations, major high street retailers and banks.


One of the advantages of working with us is our strong working relationships with the biggest Mobile Networks in Australia and the close strategic partnerships that we have formed.


We are proud to be an active member  the Australian Marketing Institute and ADMA, influencing strategy and thought leadership through stakeholder engagement.


We are an approved supplier to the New South Wales, Victorian and Queensland Governments, and have been appointed to a Panel for supply of Mobile Services to the Commonwealth of Australia by the Federal Government.

More Information


Engage – this operating unit focuses on mobile engagement solutions for organisations wishing to add the mobile channel to their communications, and can deliver both SMS and voice services to more than 170 countries globally.

Dynamic Micro Billing - this operating unit focuses on the provision of traditional 3rd party billing services for digital media companies and can o_er billing solutions in more than 60 countries globally.

Tola Money – this operating unit focuses on new billing services and mobile money for goods and services. It is mostly active in the African region where mobile wallets are commonplace, as well as in Europe, where the company has a financial services licence to operate eMoney services.

Oxygen8 Sports Betting - this operating unit operates sports betting services direct to consumer in the East African region. In addition, both Australia and South Africa still operate business units under the name of Oxygen8.

The Oxygen8 Group has been active in Australia since 2004. Under the brand name of Oxygen8, the Sydney based officeoffered both 3rd party billing and mobile engagement solutions to more than 200 companies. Most recently, following significant growth in the mobile engagement customer base, the Group set up Engage Australia in 2016. Engage Australia operates out of its Sydney headquarters supporting more than 100 businesses with mobile engagement solutions. With direct connections to all Australian mobile carriers and partners for global delivery of both SMS and voice, Engage Australia is ideally placed to support both local and international requirements.

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