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What’s driving the growth in mobile engagement?

Ask anyone to name items they would not consider leaving home without and you will not be surprised to learn that their mobile phone would be top of the list every time - Keys, Wallet, Phone!

The mobile phone is already the most widely used digital device on the planet and mobile adoption rates are still growing exponentially, especially in the developing world.

Mobile technology, networks and users have now come of age and we now stand on the brink of the m-commerce age.

These changes present both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity for many companies. Deploying mobile solutions within your business can improve business effectiveness; automate business processes; reduce costs; generate new revenue streams; and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Did you know?

  • There are already 4 times as many internet-enabled phones in the world than there are PC’s
  • There are 577 million mobile internet users globally
  • There are 22.12 million mobile phones in Australia. 83% of Adult Australians own a Mobile Phone
  • Over 50% of Australian Mobiles are Internet Enabled
  • 97% of messages are opened by Australians immediately

Deploying Mobile Technology in your Business

The applications of mobile technology and mobile marketing solutions are almost limitless. We’ve outlined some of the more common business applications you can implement using mobile technology: 

  • Booking Services - confirmation details to your mobile
  • Market Research & Consumer Satisfaction Survey
  • Internal communications and staff rostering applications
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity applications
  • Notification & Reminders - travel reminders, itinerary changes, policy expires, reminders to pay
  • Micro Payment Services - for VIP access to premium content or information on your website
  • Information Services - provide immediate and update information on your services to customers whilst they are on the move
  • Location based services - location maps and where’s the nearest type services
  • Loyalty Schemes & Reward Programmes
  • Last Minute Inventory Management - promotion of last minute special offers

Implementing mobile solutions can be a cost effective solution to many of the challenges your business faces today and an ideal opportunity to grow your business.

Engage Australia is uniquely positioned to offer a variety of services and solutions that enable organisations to address the challenges of changing technology, maximise their operational efficiency and generate new revenue streams/ customer engagement. Our solutions address common requirements, such as managing last minute inventory, but can also be tailored to a company’s individual requirements.

We pride ourselves on being open and approachable, and we work closely with our clients to help them achieve the goals and objectives they set out for their communications campaigns. Talk to us about how we’ve helped other companies achieve their business goals.

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